Scores of ladies from Ogbe-Odogwu, Azuugwu, Ogwashi Uku people group in Aniocha South Nearby Board of Delta State, yesterday, raged the public authority house, Asaba, in challenge asserted grisly homicide of one Afamefuna Ubaka and unlawful confinement of 14 old people.

The dissenters affirmed that the Obi of Ogwashi Uku, Obi Ifechukwude Okonji, his watchmen and others were engaged with the supposed homicide of an Okada rider, Afamefuna Ubaka.

Cladded in dark outfits, they moaned and moved on the ground, while speaking to Lead representative Sheriff Oborevwori to do the needful. The nonconformists additionally conveyed bulletins with different engravings, for example, ‘Delta government call Obi of Ogwashi Uku to arrange’, ‘North of 14 seniors of over 70 years are on remand over misleading claims’, ‘Delivery our dads and young people’, ‘Police go about your business,’ ‘Explore the homicide of Afamefuna Ubaka,’ ‘Lead representative Sheriff Oborevwori, if it’s not too much trouble, help us, we are worn out on living in dread in our dad land,’ among others.

The main man going with the ladies in the dissent, Chike Malije, said: “We have come to request equity and for harmony to be reestablished locally.” Malije said their men presently not stay at home, because of a paranoid fear of capture, surprisingly as late as 1:00 a.m.

“You can see that men are not piece of this dissent since they would be captured. I’m here since I’m straightforwardly impacted by the homicide of the young fellow.

“Around eight individuals are in confinement for six to eight months now without being charged to court.

“This issue began in 2020 when Obi kept in touch with our family to select someone for the Odogwu position. That is the fair treatment. We, on our part will counsel the prophet and when we closed the cycle, the man that the prophet picked was taken to the castle, however Obi turned him down, saying that he has settled on his own decision. This began the spate of capture of our kin,” he affirmed.

One of the distressed ladies, Mrs favor Ikeweji, said many had escaped the local area following everyday provocation and terrorizing of the men by the Obi and his troopers. She said: “As I address you now, my significant other has been captured and remanded by the power that be locally.

“They accompanied blades and tomahawks to attack my home. They pushed me to the side searching for my better half. My child was crying. They dropped by 1:00a.m. I never again enjoy harmony of psyche in my own home and never again rest at home. I go outside to rest, however they need to kill everyone in view of land. That’s it.

“My better half is down with a stroke, yet they attacked the house. They broke the windows that very day. We just returned from the emergency clinic. They got through the window and removed my better half. “They held onto our telephones and utilized a blade on my hand. Since January till date, my better half has been in remand. My youngsters are done going to class in light of the fact that my better half is the person who approaches the record.”

An instructor and sister to the departed, Ubaka Cynthia, made sense of that on May 29, her granddad was captured on charges of homicide, pyromania and assault.
She said the vigilante bunch from the Obi made the capture, and on the next day, “they moved my father from Ogwashi to the State Criminal and Examination Division (SCID), Asaba.

“They likewise went for my sibling at the fuel station where he went to purchase fuel. They began beating him, utilized his belt to limit his options and took him to the castle where he met the Obi and one Gabriel Ohai.

“The two of them advised the vigilante men to beat him and they beat him until he became oblivious, they then unloaded him some place. The fact that brought him home makes it an obscure individual.

“From that point forward, we have been languishing. We went to Ogwashi police headquarters to report, however they sought after us in light of the fact that they didn’t need the case.”

“We left and went to the clinic where a x-beam uncovered that the pulsating, he got broke his lungs, ribs and heart. Before we went to the medical clinic, he was spewing blood. Presently, he is in the morgue, they have killed him, he passed on August 12.

“We have done all that to get equity, yet things are not working out. We have composed petitions to try and Zone 5, Benin. Satisfy we really want equity, my terrific father is 72 years of age. He can’t be held in detainment on built out claims for a very long time at this point. He isn’t the one to focus on, around 10 others are in confinement. This is on the grounds that they didn’t uphold Ohai to be the Odogwu on the grounds that he needs to assume control over our genealogical land and sell it powerfully.

“From that point forward, they have been harrassing us. The Police in all actuality do attack our homes at the dead of the night to capture our spouses.”
They broke into our homes with tomahawks, cutlasses, and blades,” she added.

Answering for the public authority, Exceptional Guide on Harmony Building and Compromise, Edwin Uzor, said Lead representative Sheriff Oborevwori was at that point mindful of their grumblings and will unequivocally investigate it to guarantee that the proper thing is finished.

“I can guarantee you that in half a month’s time, the matter will be finished,” Uzor said. However, in a speedy response, Obi Okonji guaranteed that the departed and his dad now in detainment were on police needed list for supposed assault, murder, and pyro-crime in 2021.

Likewise, the Odogwu of Ogwashi-Uku Realm, High Boss Gabriel Ohai, in an explanation made accessible to newsmen said: “It is false that Stephen Ubaka was tormented at the royal residence by vigilante individuals. No one tormented him. It is a concocted story to attempt to use and deal an arrival of those included and right now in jail care.”


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