Following a two-year break, Wavy The Maker makes a victorious return, collaborating with the arising rap sensation SGaWD for their most recent track, Shayo Galore, a new throbbing single ensured to drive audience members directly to the dance floor.

Shayo Galore supports self-articulation on a profoundly human level, interesting to an expansive crowd. With creation credits from the fromidible Le Mav, ArieNati, and Malik Bawa, the tune conveys a zapping experience, mixing components of electronica, house music, and pulsating basslines.

Wavy’s hauntingly delightful vocals coax audience members to ascend from their seats, convincing them to move the night away, while SGaWD’s strong lyricism adds a crazy aspect to the track. Their joint effort is an ideal combination that takes special care of their different fan bases, making a hit record that fulfills all.

Drawing motivation from their own imaginative excursions and Wavy’s subsequent authority discharge in 2018, Shaku, Shayo Galore remains as a demonstration of the enchanted that emerges from valid cooperation and making music that reverberates profoundly.

In the developing scene of African music, where types like House and Electronic keep on consolidating, SGaWD and Wavy strikingly push the limits to where these classifications obscure into each other. Shayo Galore is now available on all streaming platforms, exhibiting the variety and excellent music rising up out of Nigeria to enthrall crowds around the world.


By D O

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