Nigeria president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has announced that there will be temporary increment in salary for federal government workers.

Tinubu expressed this in his discourse in remembrance of the 63rd independence commemoration of Nigeria on Sunday, October 1, 2023.

As per the president, the new addition will be for the following a half year.

He said it is one of the way is government is taking to alleviate the weight on families and families.

“There is no delight in seeing individuals of this country shoulder loads that ought to have been shed quite a while back. I wish the present challenges didn’t exist. Yet, we should persevere assuming we are to arrive at the great side of our future.

“My administration is giving its best for facilitate the heap. I will currently frame the way we are taking to alleviate the weight on our families and families.

“We have set out on a few public area changes to balance out the economy, direct financial and money related strategy to battle expansion, empower creation, guarantee the security of lives and property and loan more help to poor people and the powerless.

“In view of our discussions with work, business and different partners, we are acquainting a temporary compensation increase with improve the government the lowest pay permitted by law without causing excessive expansion. For the following a half year, the typical poor quality laborer will get an extra N25,000 each month.

“To guarantee better grassroots turn of events, we set up a Foundation Backing Asset for states to put resources into basic regions. States have proactively gotten assets to give alleviation bundles against the effect of rising food and different costs.”

Tinubu expressed that striking changes were important to put the country on the way of thriving and development which on that event, he declared the finish of the fuel endowment.

He said he is receptive to the difficulties that have come and everyone should persevere through this trying second.

Talking further, he brought up that change might be excruciating, however it is significance’s and the future’s expectation’s, and that his organization currently conveys the expenses of arriving at a future Nigeria where the overflow and products of the country are genuinely divided between all, not stored by a select and ravenous few.


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