The endorsement was reported in a round gave by the National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission(NSIWC) on Thursday.

The round, which was endorsed by the NSIWC Executive, Ekpo U. O, expressed that the compensation grant is viable from Friday, September 1, 2023.

“I thusly convey the endorsement of the President and President of the Military of the Bureaucratic Republic of Nigeria for the award of a pay grant of N35,000:00 (35 thousand Naira) just each month to all Federal Government Workers with impact from 1 September 2023 forthcoming when another public the lowest pay permitted by law is supposed to have been endorsed into regulation,” it peruses.

The round, which was addressed to different government authorities, likewise expressed that the execution of the compensation grant for depository subsidized central government services, divisions, and organizations will be financed from the depository.

“Non-depository supported Central Government offices are to execute something very similar from their inside produced.” it added.


By D O

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