Elder sibling Naija graduate Natacha Akide, prominently known as Tacha, has gotten down on the dissidents who waited after the Mohbad candlelight procession, impeding the Lekki tollgate.

Taking to her Instagram, the media personality criticised the hijackers for allegedly flipping the narrative regarding their dispersal by the police on the night of Thursday, September 21, 2023, using tear gas.

“We can all agree that every country has its issues and every country’s police have its issues and Nigeria is not exempt. But what I will not agree with you people on is you trying to gaslight me and every other person on what happened yesterday night, trying to change the narrative”, she began.

The truth star proceeded to admonish them for redirecting the reason for the social event by rushing to the Lekki tollbooth after the candlelight administration, which didn’t hold at the tollbooth. Tacha pummeled individuals answerable for not going directly to their homes after the occasion finished, taking note of that she wouldn’t acknowledge the misleading statement from them.

She angrily continued, “Let me ask y’all this, what was the reason everyone left their houses yesterday? For Mohbad’s candlelight procession right? And where did it happen? At the park in VI. Now tell me how did people leave the park for Lekki tollgate? We can all agree that the organisers said ‘You can all go home’, we all saw when the event ended at 8 pm, you saw the celebrities, you saw everyone going but some people decided to pack themselves to Lekki tollgate.”

In her words, “If you want to come out and protest no issue but we did not come out yesterday to protest. If you want to protest, pick a date get the date approved by the government then go out to protest. Stop changing the narrative. You people just want to bring up issues where there are no issues. Kudos to the Nigeria police because I have seen videos of the Nigerian police begging you all to go home but no you people refused.”


By D O

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