Wike and Fubara were at the focal point of a new political emergency in Streams over a breakdown of understanding between the couple. The clergyman picked the lead representative to succeed him and was essential in the process that prompted his rise during the 2023 governorship political race.

Notwithstanding, the Rivers State House of Assembly as of late endeavored to reprimand Fubara over supposed deviation from the conditions of the concurrence with his ancestor.

The move fell through after the governor and his allies raged the gathering complex on Monday, October 30, 3023, to frustrate the prosecution continuing.

The pair have since accommodated their disparities after the mediation of President Bola Tinubu with regards to this issue.

Be that as it may, talking at an occasion at the Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, on Thursday, November 9, 2023, Wike said Fubara wouldn’t have become lead representative assuming he had heeded the guidance given to him by a few Christian Clerics.

The priest spread the word about this while expressing as the Exceptional Visitor and Boss Launcher of a book named, ‘Regulation and Society: A Summary of Talks and Addresses,’ composed by the previous Boss Appointed authority of the state and Supportive of Chancellor/Director of the overseeing chamber of Rivers State University, Equity Iche Ndu.

While conceding that there was a misconception among himself and his replacement, the previous lead representative cautioned those fanning the coals of battle in the state to cease from such experience so the state would progress forward with the way of harmony.

He likewise denounced those winding around ethnic stories around the new political emergency, advising them that he stays a man of character, which was the reason President Bola Tinubu tracked down him deserving of a spot in his bureau.

The minister said, “I am a man of character. I would not have been the minister of FCT, a non-member of the APC to become minister of FCT, then you should know that I am a man of character.

“If I had followed you people who are Bishops today, Fubara would not have been Governor. The way you people are pushing to go, if I had followed that path and supported the person you wanted me to support it would not have been possible.

“So, I urge all of you, if you want to help, help. If you cannot help, do not cause war.

“I do not know where you are getting the problem, if there is a problem you will see it. Let nobody deceive you, If I say there would be a problem, there would be. I do not need to win, when you want to make peace, open your door so when you make the peace, it will follow you.”


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