Six internet fraudsters packs prison terms in Benin City

In an explanation on the EFCC X(twitter) handle, the six convicts were summoned independently on one count charge of pantomime and ownership of false reports by the Benin Zonal Order of the Commission.

The names of the litigants are Napoleon Efe Supernatural occurrence, Efetobore Succeed Eghagha, Jephthah Godbless Azino, Akiefe Desmond, Chukwuyenum Kenneth Ifeakachukwu and Efetayobor Ochuko

They were captured by agents of the Commission in view of knowledge on the exercises of supposed fraudsters in the Egbiki and Oputo people group, Ovwian, Udu Neighborhood Government, Area of Delta State.

Upon arraignment, the litigants conceded to their individual charges, inciting the indictment counsel, F.A. Jirbo to ask the court to in like manner convict them and sentence them.

Be that as it may, the protection counsel begged the court to treat equity with kindness as they were first-time guilty parties who have become sorry for their activities.

Equity Ikponmwonba indicted and condemned Ifeakachukwu, Wonder, Eghagha, Azino and Ochuko to three years detainment with a choice of N500,000 each, while Desmond was condemned to three years detainment or a fine of N300,000.

Moreover, the adjudicator requested the convicts to relinquish a Reach Meanderer Evogue 2013 model SUV, Toyota Venza 2010 model vehicle, one Lexus RX350 2010 model vehicle, and cell phones to the Central Legislature of Nigeria.

The complete equilibrium in Desmond Akiefe’s financial balance, being continues of wrongdoing, is likewise relinquished to the National Administration of Nigeria.


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