Nollywood veteran, Ronke Ojo, popularly known as Oshodi Oke, has detailed the mental trauma her failed marriage had on her, noting that she nearly went mad.

The entertainer made this miserable exposure during a meeting with media character Biola Adebayo on her syndicated program Converse with B. Ojo focused on that the personal unrest of her bombed marriage made her deranged, to such an extent that she almost strolled into the roads unclothed. She added that it was her companion, the late entertainer Orisabunmi, who prevented her from leaving the house as such.

She said, “At a point, I almost lost my sanity, like mo fe ya were. I got out of my ex-husband’s room naked, I was going to walk outside naked. It was Bunmi, may her soul rest in perfect peace who drew me back. I was about to walk out butt naked.”

Calling the stress she encountered ‘mental torture’, she noted that she won’t wish it on anyone. She then advised women to know the distinction between a man who does not care about his woman and a man who does not have money.

“That mental torture is not good for anyone. Another thing is, there is a difference between a man who doesn’t have any money and a man who doesn’t care, if a man doesn’t care it’s bad.”


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