The inhabitants under the aegis of Ekpeye for Development and Peace said it is troubling that notwithstanding being announced needed for the killing of SP Bako Angbashim, the clique group supposedly drove by Gift Okpara prevalently known as 2baba has kept on destroying devastation on occupants.

This followed Sunday’s killing of five people in Odiemerenyi people group by the religion bunch two months in the wake of killing Angbashim.

As per sources locally, the five casualties were killed by the clique bunch for giving data to the police on their hideaway.

Preparation columnists in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, the Leader of Concerned Ekpeye for Advancement and Harmony, Ugwu Moses, said the most recent episode showed that the Streams State Government and security organizations are doing barely anything to capture the needed clique pioneer and his group.

“We, the concerned Ekpeye Individuals for Harmony and Improvement, require a highly sensitive situation on frailty in EkpeyeLand. Capture, indict supports and redeploy over-remained cops.

“It is precisely 64 days since Ekpeye individuals wasted absolute time following the demise of SP Bako.”

“We thus express our significant disillusionment and disappointment on the Nigeria Police Power in Waterways State drove by the previous Magistrate of Police CP Emeka Polycap who not the slightest bit showed or demonstrated courage in the release of his established obligations as respects to the security of Streams individuals and above all, the draining Ekpeye Country,” he added.

They approached the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, to end unending killings nearby as occupants currently live in dread.

“We in this manner, approach the new Commissioner of Police (CP), Tunji Disu, to see the frailty of EkpeyeLand as a highest need as he speed up his activities and examinations by investigating every possibility, consequently carrying the patrons and culprits to book.


By D O

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