The degree of water in River Benue is rising consistently in the midst of fears by occupants that the waterway might spill over its banks and cause weighty flooding.

This follows the alarm by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) for nine states, including Benue, to prepare for flooding this year due to the arrival of water from Lagdo Dam by the Cameroonian specialists.

NEMA, which vowed to give occasional updates on the circumstance, as it gets circumstance reports from the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA), Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) as well as cutting edge states’ crisis the board offices, nonetheless, encouraged the impacted states to quickly actuate their crisis reaction intends to turn away harm that could emerge in networks along the Niger and Benue streams bowls.

The exhortation by NEMA, regardless, in the event that fortune doesn’t stop the normal floods, Benue might be a debacle in the works, as government authorities, who ought to deal with the circumstance, still falter.

At the point when The Watchman met the Chief Secretary, Benue State Emergency Management Agency(BSEMA), James Iorpuu, to find the office’s readiness for the looming floods, he said they were all the while meeting and would offer an unmistakable response the following day.

The following day, he said they had a gathering and mentioned a couple of moments, after which he unexpectedly emerged from the workplace and left .

The Guardian then, at that point, reached the Magistrate for Water Assets, Climate and Environmental Change, Mr. Ugwu Odoh, and he said he had recently gotten back from Abuja. He called the Long-lasting Secretary, Ali Efu, for a report on readiness.

Efu said the state government set up a panel, of which he was a part, however that main the Magistrate of Data and his Schooling partner were commanded to chat on the exercises of the council.

The faltering proceeded.

Rehashed calls to the data official went unanswered, same with instant messages.

Associates of the Benue SEMA Leader Secretary alluded The Guardian to Radio Benue, where they said the SEMA manager makes declarations.


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