The Lagos State Lead representative, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on Monday said that the Red Line Rail will be finished before the finish of this current year.

Sanwo-Olu expressed this while tending to newsmen in the wake of hailing off the beginning of business activities of the Lagos Blue Line Rail.

Showing a lot of fervor about the Red Line Rail, the Lagos State lead representative said the flyover spans being built will be dispatched and opened in a steady progression from the finish of this current month.

“The Red Line Rail will be finished before the finish of this current year as we are around 95 to 96 percent gone on the undertaking,” Sanwo-Olu said.

“We will begin authorizing the flyover spans perhaps before the current month’s over, so travelers and vehicles can begin continuing on them.

“That is from the Ikeja Along Scaffold to Yaba to Ebute-Metta to Mushin what not.

“Opening of the scaffolds will make a motion that the Red Line Rail is coming up and we are practically finishing the retro-fitting of the trains.

“We have additionally begun the enlistment of train administrators and train directors after which we will begin the uncovering of the different stations themselves however I can see you that the Red Line Rail is really greater than the Blue Line.”

In the mean time, on the power issue on Blue Line Rail, Jubril Gawat, a media helper to Sanwo-Olu, said it is completely fenced off, So nobody will have literally nothing to do on the rail track as a traveler.
Gawat likewise expressed that for individuals asking, they can get the card essentially at each train station or even Transport Fast Vehicle (BRT) stations.

As per him, it is a similar Cowry card that works for all, transport, water and train.

Gawat revealed that there will be more than 300 CCTV cameras across the entire Blue Line Rail to guarantee security.

He said more than 30 cameras will screen the tracks alone even as order and control focuses will be accessible in all stations.


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