Shaibu, who showed up at the Public authority House on a regular Monday morning, was left paralyzed when he experienced the entryways prompting his office solidly locked and difficult to reach.

He purportedly called upon the Public authority House camp commandant, SP Ibrahim Babatunde, asking about the purpose for his office’s unexpected lockdown.

The senior cop purportedly educated him that the order had started from abilities above, hinting that the Central Security Official (CSO) at the Public authority House, Wabba Williams, would be more qualified to give explanation regarding this situation.

Shaibu put calls to Williams and vowed to come however never appeared all through the holding up of Shaibu at the door.

In a phone discussion with an undisclosed individual, Shaibu communicated his bewilderment at the circumstance, expressing that he had not gotten any authority correspondence from the lead representative’s office in regards to the movement of his office.

“Up till now, I have no authority correspondence that I ought to migrate, the main individuals that have official correspondence are my government employees. The government employees have official correspondence, yet I don’t. As I’m addressing you now, I’m remaining by the entryway.”

Sources recommend that the workplace of the Head of Administration, Anthony Okungbowa, dispatched a letter to the Super durable Secretary, Office of the Representative Lead representative last week, teaching Shaibu to move his office to another area at No 7, Dennis Osadebey Road, GRA, Benin City.

It’s no longer news that the Edo State Lead representative Godwin Obaseki and Shaibu are presently on a path of destruction over the last option’s desire to secure the People groups Progressive faction (PDP’s) ticket for the Edo governorship political decision in 2024.


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