The Labour Party and the PDP have required the out and out wiping out of the governorship political race in Imo State over anomalies that they claim damaged the political decision.

At a public interview in Owerri, the Imo state capital, the governorship competitor of the Work Party, Athan Achonu, and his PDP partner, Samuel Anyanwu, said the political race was beneath standard and a scratch in the respectability of the INEC.

In the mean time, the APC in Imo hosts approached other political gatherings to move in, acknowledge the result of the political decision, and backing Lead representative Expectation Uzodimma of the APC to foster the state in the following four years.

The state executive of the APC, Macdonald Ebere, depicted the political race as free, fair and dependable.

An alliance of INEC onlookers who observed the political race across the 27 nearby government region of the state praised INEC and security agents for a wonderful piece of handiwork.

The Imo State governorship political decision was one of the three off-cycle races directed by INEC on Saturday, with 17 ideological groups challenging for the main seat in the state.

Toward the finish of the activity, Uzodimma was proclaimed the champ with 540,308 votes.


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