The Edo State Lead representative, Mr Godwin Obaseki, has grieved the death of senior legislator and doyen of bookkeeping in Nigeria, Boss Akintola Williams, who kicked the bucket matured 104 years.

PUNCH prior revealed that Williams passed on at 104 years old, at his Lagos home, on Monday.

In a statement on Monday, the lead representative said: “I’m hugely disheartened about the death of senior legislator and the doyen of bookkeeping in Nigeria, Boss Akintola Williams, who carried on with a long and satisfied life, having left his imprint as not just the primary Nigerian to qualify as a contracted bookkeeper yet drove a desirous heritage as perhaps of Nigeria’s generally achieved proficient in the corporate world.

“An uncommon variety patriot, Boss Williams was maybe one of a handful of the Nigerian experts who achieved mainland recognition in pre-free Nigeria, moved over to the computerized age and kept on with the progressions of the times.”
He noticed that the late Williams assumed a critical part as a patriot, as he was a contemporary of key figures in Nigeria’s verifiable turn of events, including Boss Obafemi Awolowo, battling together for the freedom of our dear country and keeping on with the drive to see Nigeria lead the mainland on various fronts.

The lead representative added: “He set up the primary bookkeeping firm in Africa, Akintola Williams and Co., in 1952 after qualifying as the principal Nigerian sanctioned bookkeeper and extended to different nations of the world. He represented greatness as an expert, a characteristic that pushed him along from that point onward.


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