He started on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, asserting that she would not give him access to their little girls, focusing on that he would retaliate against her and her sibling, Dbanj. Taking to his Instagram page, he hauled the artist once more, asserting that he supported Taiwo in keeping their youngsters from him, calling him wicked.

His post read, “You know how much I was there for you @iambangalee when you lost your son. You know the pain of losing a child, but you are now the instrument of discord and wickedness in mine. These are my kids, not yours. People don’t know why I am involving you so much, but don’t ever be the reason for someone’s unhappiness. You won’t make me happy, yet you and your family took my source of joy. The worst man you can fight is someone who is ready to die.”

In response, Taiwo posted to her Instagram attesting that the OAP was lying and knows where his children are, and has access to them. She started by apologising to their daughters and her family members for the fact that their family matters have become public. She also extended her apologies to her brother D’banj for the way he had been portrayed by her ex-husband.

She said, “Firstly, I want to apologise to my daughters, I would have loved to remain silent to protect them and shield them from all this madness. I also want to apologise to my family members as well. Mummy and daddy, Emabinu. D’banj I am sorry for all this may have caused you. Dotun you have finally succeeded in making our private life public, which you know that I do not support.”

Going on, she blamed him for being underhanded to the overall population, regardless of all the injury she created during their marriage. She then encouraged him to avoid her sibling with regards to their disagreement, focusing on that D’banj was only useful to them during their wild marriage.

“I am not surprised at all because all you ever do is to be deceitful while entertaining people. STOP MISLEADING NIGERIANS!!! For 8 years I tolerated your sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and psychological abuse. I can never recover from the trauma and pain you caused me. How did you expect me to raise the girls in that type of environment? This is not Dapo’s battle!!! Leave him out! All he did was help and cover your shame as you couldn’t keep up with your responsibilities and you are here fighting with D’banj,” she added.


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