Nike has cooperated with Layerx to alter on its sneakers to advance Nigerian culture all around the world and furthermore spread ecological maintainability messages on its items.

Layerx, co-founded by Gbadeyan Olaoluwa and Gbenga Adeku, has Bolarinwa Olasunkanmi, famously known as Horlar of Lagos, as its powerhouse teammate and its designated at advancing society and climate.

Talking at the send off of the item, Olaoluwa expressed that it was significant so that the world might hear Nigeria’s accounts, are familiar their way of life and strength.

As indicated by Olaoluwa, Layerx, a modified Plan Organization, picked Nike in view of its worldwide perceivability, “we are attempting to spread our way of life universally and for that reason we picked a worldwide item and brand,” he said.

Olaoluwa added that the organization would additionally make tennis shoes attractive to all classes of individuals; the messages on it would in a real sense reverberate with both the more established and more youthful age.

He said: “Its feels better to have a Nigerian brand on the worldwide stage. Nigeria is an incredible country; we have a grand culture. Nigerians are perhaps of the strongest individual, which is the reason we picked Nike. Nike’s message is ‘get it done,’ that implies simply keep it moving. The message causes you to accept you are relentless. It causes you to be positive, no matter what the overall conditions confronting Nigerians.

“Nigerians are strong; we flourish even in tough spots. In any event, when the circumstances appear against us, we track down our direction despite everything.”

On his part, Adeku said the send off plan began with the Lagos story, taking note of that there are heaps of grass to effortlessness stories and stories of how individuals’ lives pivot chasing after their fantasies.

“Horlar of Lagos has led the sneakers culture for a long time and it’s astounding for the point that he in a real sense came from nothing to make the most out of himself in Lagos. We are likewise enthusiastic about individuals monitoring the risks of having a rotting climate. In this way, we go the message through the customisations on the shoes. What we are doing is like what the Afrobeat is doing, in the design sense.”

Horlar of Lagos made sense of that he teamed up with Layerx on two sets, ‘Nike Airforce and Nike Blazers,’ which was from Jumps to Kicks.
“Jumping Danfos without shoes, to get one after a real hustle in Lagos in the long run. This is the life of a typical Lagosians. With the plans, we are additionally teaching difficult work and giving expectation.”


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