The dental surgeon called for the implementation of the National Oral Health Policy of 2012 to ensure proper process and administration of oral healthcare

There are many difficulties confronting oral medical services in youngsters. Right now, just 84 pediatric dental specialists are taking care of kids in Nigeria, Adegbulugbe, a dental specialist, told newsmen on Sunday.

The quantity of pediatric dental specialists is disproportional to the nation’s populace, she said during a web-based media meeting to feature the difficulties of oral medical services in Nigeria.

Adegbulugbe noticed that some thoroughly prepared and confirmed pediatric dental specialists were leaving the nation, adding to the cerebrum channel in the training.

She focused on that the improvement had made availability and conveyance of oral medical care somewhat troublesome in Nigeria.

“The cost of providing and accessing dental care is expensive and the burden is on patients.

“This is because the equipment for treatment and restoration is not made in Nigeria and there are no tax rebates or anything in place to make the cost lesser.

“People need to practice safe oral habits, especially for children by going for routine dental checks and not waiting until there is a problem or when the child is in pain,’’ she said.

Also speaking during the session, Prof. Morenike Folayan, a Professor of Paediatric Dentistry at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun, advocated that oral health be included in covered by the National Health Insurance scheme.

Folayan said the coverage would increase access and reduce the cost of dental care.

She identified tooth decay, bleeding and swollen gum and trauma or injury to the teeth and gum as some of the oral health issues in children requiring prompt and adequate care.

“Oral health should be instituted from childhood. If not done, the dental issues transit to adolescence and adulthood and continue to affect the lives of the affected.

“We urge the media to advocate the inclusion of oral health in health insurance because things like scaling and polishing of teeth are life-changing and impactful and not only for aesthetics,’’ Folayan said.


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