‘Low Key!’ unveils a fresh facet of Mayorkun’s musical perspective. While it diverges from his typical signature sound, it masterfully retains elements that his core fanbase can readily identify with.

The track showcases Mayorkun in a melancholic mode, offering listeners a soul-stirring experience that delves into the current state of affairs in the music industry. Through this powerful composition, Mayorkun implores audiences to embrace humanity and unite in the face of adversity.

Mayorkun’s ability to seamlessly blend his distinctive style with a new, introspective vibe demonstrates his evolution as an artist.

‘Low Key!’ is not just a song; it is an embodiment of raw emotion, lyrical brilliance, and musical innovation. Fans can expect to be captivated by Mayorkun’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, making this track an instant classic.

As the anticipation for Mayorkun’s new EP ‘Love For Free’ continues to build, ‘Low Key!’ serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the artist’s creative genius. With its poignant message and compelling composition, this single is destined to resonate with listeners far and wide.

Mayorkun is set to launch his EP later in October 2023 


By D O

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