The Commissioner for Health in Borno State, Prof. Baba Gana, has revealed that only 6.7% of married women in the state are currently using modern contraceptive methods.

“In Borno, only 6.7 percent of currently married women are using modern contraceptive methods, while the unmet need for contraceptives stands at a significant 17 percent,” Prof. Gana emphasised.

The magistrate focused on the criticalness of tending to this present circumstance, expressing, “This figure shows the need to contribute, improve, and advance the utilization of contraception. We know the proper utilization of contraception is vital to the wellbeing and prosperity of ladies, as well as the result of the infant.”

Prof. Gana additionally featured the responsibility of government wellbeing suppliers and sexual conceptive wellbeing accomplices, including the UN Populace Asset (UNFPA), in making mindfulness and offering prophylactic administrations.

Dr. Mala Abdulwahab, Appointee Overseer of the State Essential Medical services Improvement Organization (SPHCDA), resolved the issue of lack of concern towards family arranging in Borno. He uncovered that the organization effectively changed the story by renaming it “Kid Separating.”

“We caused them to understand that there’s really no need to focus on lessening a local area’s populace yet about tending to maternal mortality and grimness,” Dr. Abdulwahab made sense of.

In Borno, out of the 436 wellbeing offices, just 269 are at present contribution family arranging administrations, showing a hole in admittance to significant administrations.

Kelvin Chukwuemeka, addressing the UNFPA, underlined the significance of offering different prophylactic techniques to engage Borno ladies to go with informed decisions in view of their inclinations, way of life, wellbeing contemplations, and tentative arrangements.

“Family Arranging, Labor Separating, and Prophylactic techniques range from hormonal choices like conception prevention pills, patches, and infusions, to hindrance strategies like condoms and stomachs, and Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) like intrauterine gadgets (IUDs) and inserts,” Chukwuemeka made sense of.

Featuring the variety of preventative choices, he added, “This variety requires a thorough exhibit of prophylactic strategies that take care of the extraordinary prerequisites of everybody. This approach not just engages individuals of Borno to design their families yet additionally upgrades their general prosperity and independence.”

Strict and customary pioneers likewise joined the discussion, underscoring the significance of kid dispersing in working on maternal wellbeing and family prosperity.

The current year’s Reality Preventative Day subject, “The Force of Choices,” highlights the need to give complete decisions in family wanting to upgrade the conceptive wellbeing and independence of ladies in Borno State.


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