Lebanon said on Saturday that Israel was behind cross-line fire that killed a Reuters journalists and injured six others close to the boundary the earlier day.

Israel’s military said it was investigating the conditions of the deadly strike Friday which likewise harmed journalists from AFP, Reuters and Al Jazeera.

“We are extremely upset for the columnist’s passing,” military representative Richard Hecht told a preparation regarding the Reuters video writer killed, Issam Abdallah.

On the topic of who sent off the strike, that’s what hecht said “we are investigating it”.

The Lebanese armed force said in an explanation that “the Israeli foe discharged a rocket shell that hit a non military personnel vehicle having a place with a media group, prompting the demise of Issam Abdallah”.

Lebanon’s unfamiliar service likewise accused Israel and marked the strike a “intentional killing” and a “wrongdoing against the right to speak freely of discourse and news coverage”.

The gathering of columnists from various media, wearing press vests and protective caps, was close to the town of Alma al-Shaab, near the line with Israel, when they went under “direct” fire, as per two observers.

The boundary has been shaken by viciousness since Palestinian Islamist bunch Hamas killed 1,300 in its October 7 assault on Israel, igniting retaliatory bombarding of Gaza that has killed 1,900 there.

Israel has massed powers and tanks along the northern line with Lebanon, a country with which it remains in fact at war, and where the Iran-upheld aggressor bunch Hezbollah has a weighty presence.


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