The Federal Ministry of Works on Monday alleviated fears over the Dorman-long Extension, saying it is looking great and absolutely ok for use.

The Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Engr (Mrs) Olukorede Kesha, in an explanation, said that the consideration of the Federal Ministry of Works has been attracted to a video being flowed via virtual entertainment about the scaffold.

Kesha said that the video demonstrated that a segment of the Dorman-long Extension interfacing Ikorodu Street to Western Road (Jibowu-Ojuelegba) is in basic condition and requires earnest consideration.

“In light of this, the Lagos State Field Base camp Specialists drove by the Federal Controller of Works of the Service on Monday eighteenth September, 2023 examined the extension to find out the veracity of this case,” she expressed.

“During the review, it was found that this part of the extension is in great shape as the scaffold orientation at that area and any remaining areas along the extension were seen to be in sound and functional circumstances.

“It was just an immaterial part of the railing wall that was viewed as harmed and this doesn’t influence the underlying soundness of the extension.”

To this end, the Federal Ministry of Works has informed the overall population that the Dorman-long scaffold is in great shape and fit for use.

Kesha added that with this, the overall population ought to put their psyche very still and keep on partaking in the utilization of the extension with true serenity.


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