Joint soldiers of 82 Division Nigerian Armed force and the Nigerian Police have killed three suspects of the Native Nation of Biafra (IPOB) and its furnished partner, Eastern Security Organization (ESN) in a furious experience that resulted during a freedom activity in the early hours today at Igboro Backwoods, among Arochukwu and Ohafia Nearby Government Areas of Abia State.

As per armed force representative, Brig. General Onyema Nwachukwu said on winning the fire battle, the soldiers burned through no time
obliterating a few frightful camps utilized by individuals from the gatherings to execute terrible wrongdoings.

“The camps were uncovered, following a little while of believable reconnaissance uncovered that IPOB/ESN were involving the woodland as a battle preparing ground for their individuals and as a base for arranging and sending off assaults on designated regular citizens, security agents and government offices in the state.

“On further taking advantage of the camp, the heroic soldiers recuperated a few weapons and ammo. The Things recuperated incorporate One ad libbed 16 Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) Weapon mounted on a vehicle, One ad libbed 12 MBRL Firearm, One ad libbed 6 MBRL Firearm, One AK 47 Rifle, One Dane Firearm, 6 privately made Rocket Launchers, four Ad libbed Hazardous Gadgets, five Fragmental Coats, One Baofeng Radio, Military Cover Outfits and a few grouped charms.

“In a comparative improvement that likewise occurred in the early long periods of September 18, 2023, same soldiers of 82 Division NA in collaboration with the Nigerian Police Power, following up on sound knowledge busted

IPOB/ESN hideaway at Ezioha Mgbowo in Awgu Nearby Government Area of Enugu State.

“The furnished contenders were idealizing plans to authorize the unlawful sit-at-home request nearby, when the watchful soldiers dove on them.

“The outfitted contenders, who started shooting at locating troops moving toward their camp were anyway crushed in the fire battle that followed, as the soldiers answered with overpowering fire power, killing three of the warriors, while others escaped in disorder. The soldiers recuperated three Siphon Activity Firearms and 10 Cleavers from the escaping warriors.

“Individuals from general society are entreated to keep on supporting the Nigerian Armed force and other security offices with sound data to upgrade the battle against psychological oppression uprising and other crimes.” He said.


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