Equity Efe Ikponmwonba of Edo State High Court Benin City, on Tuesday October 10, 2023 indicted and condemned an impersonator, Perseverance Agbi and 10 other fraudsters to different prison terms.

Different convicts are Sylvester Osatofoh Ebhoaiye, Edafe Commitment, Christian Skinn, Ariomoghwa Fortunate, Ogbebor Pricewill, Irikefe Thrive, Odiri Ejiro, Eyengho Richard, Apoi Ufouma and Enabor Peter Odianosen. While Odianosen was imprisoned on Wednesday, October 10, 2023, all others were imprisoned on Tuesday.

They were summoned independently on one – count charge of personation and unlawful ownership of deceitful records by the Benin Zonal Order of the EFCC.

The charge against Agbi peruses: “that you Endurance Agbi at some point between 21st December 2020 and eighth January 2021 in Benin City, Edo State inside the locale of this fair court did with goal to swindle addressed yourself to be DR ODIDI, a natural clinical expert and consequently perpetrated an offense in opposition to and culpable under Segment 484 of the Criminal Code Law Cap 48 Laws of Bendel Province of Nigeria ( as pertinent in Edo State ) 1976.”

The charge against Ebhoaiye peruses: ” that you Sylvester Osatofoh Ebhoaiye at some point between November 2022 to ninth July 2023 in Benin City did with expectation to swindle address yourself to be Jones Walker, a confirmed and real Bitcoin merchant and consequently carried out an offense in spite of and culpable under Segment 384 of the criminal Code Law of Edo state.”

The charge against Odianosen peruses: “that you Enabor Peter Odianosen approximately the first of August, 2023 inside the purview of this fair court previously possessed on your Nokia C20 with IMEI Number 35674897485052519 records which you knew or should have known contain a dishonesty and consequently dedicated an offense as opposed to Segment 6 and 8 of the Development Expense Misrepresentation and Other Related Offenses Act 2006 and culpable under area 1(3)of a similar Demonstration”

Upon arraignment, the litigants conceded to their individual charges, provoking indictment advice to ask the court to likewise convict and sentence them. In any case, advice to the respondents implored the court to treat equity with benevolence “as the litigants have become repentant for their activities.”
Equity Ikponmwonba indicted and condemned Agbi to a year detainment or a fine of 100,000 Naira. Ebhoaiye, Skinn, Fortunate, Richard, Ufouma were condemned to three years detainment with a choice of 300,000 Naira ( N300,000) fine.

The team of Princewill and Ejiro sacked three years detainment or a fine of 500,000 Naira ( N500,000) each, while Commitment and Flourish stowed three years detainment or a fine of 200,000 Naira ( N200,000) each. Odianosen additionally sacked three years detainment or a choice of fine of N500,000( 500,000 Naira in particular).

The adjudicator requested the relinquishment of two Toyota Venza, One Mercedes Benz GLK, One Lexus NX200, Honda accord 2013 model cell phones and balances in the convicts’ ledgers, being continues of wrongdoing, be relinquished to the Central Legislature of Nigeria.

The court additionally requested that the amount of $525.00 recuperated in real money from Agbi during examinations, be paid to the National Administration of Nigeria’s record through the EFCC for ahead conveyance to the NFIU. Likewise, the adjudicator requested that the ledgers of the convicts be forever shut.

The excursion to the Remedial Center started for Agbi and his co – explorers following their capture by agents of the Commission, in view of significant knowledge in regards to their evil exercises at various areas in Delta State. During examination, they were found to be associated with various shades of web misrepresentation.

Agbi was captured through a cooperation between the EFCC and the Nigerian Monetary Knowledge Unit, NFIU, following a dubious exchange report of $12,800 for him. He admitted that he was a web fraudster and that he imitated the personality of Dr. Odidi, a conventional clinical professional and through that swindled his clueless unfamiliar casualties.


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