Popular Nigerian skit maker and brand influencer Amarachi Amusi, professionally known as Ashmusy, has revealed that she is richer than the men who are asking her for romantic relationships.

She expressed this on the most recent episode of the ‘Recount Your Story’ digital recording hosted by Aloma Isaac Junior, otherwise known as Zicsaloma where she featured as a guest.

She said: “With my status as of now, the vast majority [men] I meet, I ask them some of the time like, ‘How much do you earn in a month?’ so I can look at in light of the fact that I need a man that is richer than me.

“I maintain that my man should be wealthier than me; to be my head, that my money will not be anything compared with his, you know.

“In any case, when I get some information about their earnings and they tell me, even the ones that are accomplishing something beneficial, I’m actually improving in view of what I earn.

“So toward the end, it is as yet like I’m still on top. Most men I meet are making not as much as what I make in a month.

“Also, it feels awful in light of the fact that I need some that will make more.”


By D O

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