The television star unveiled this on her Instagram story on Monday, November 13, 2023. She reviewed when she was not OK with herself and needed to be a fair looking person of color so she purchased a fading cream. Anyway the cream didn’t function as it should, yet presently she is happy that it worked out like that.

Doyin isn’t the main Nigerian big name who has gotten serious about considering skin fading, a long way from it even.

She said, “Hey guys, I just remembered that there was a time that I wanted to bleach my skin, like I wanted to be light skin so bad. Now I’m so grateful to God that that cream did not work because I would have regretted it. I need to shout out to the girl who sold me that fake cream. I mean at the time I was angry but now I’m not. Thanks, girl.”

Nollywood entertainer Linda Osifo likewise as of late made some noise about how she considered fading her skin in light of the tormenting she looked as a youngster.

As indicated by her portrayal, she was continually tormented by individuals, even by the people who had a similar complexion as herself; which was more pernicious for her.

Skin fading is a peculiarity that has been exceptionally famous among Africans for a long time and not simply among Nigerians. Certain individuals like to have lighter-looking skin and would take measures to get that look. Anyway many don’t know about the risks that follow, and a come to think twice about it.


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