Nigerian singer Idowu Adeyemi, aka Yhemo Lee, would rather be a lover than be on the ‘streets’.

He made this affirmation during a meeting with Jermaine on the BTS REALITY SHOW, taking note of that being single constantly isn’t his favorite. He trusts in friendship, rather than connecting with numerous individuals. As per the craftsman and entertainer, he has forever been a loverboy.

“I’m a loverboy, I’ve always been a lover boy, right from school I dey like get my own girl. I don’t believe in the streets, the streets is brutal. The streets is sweet sometimes but it’s wild, I like companionship. In fact, I dey wait make dem come marry me commot from the Igboro cuz this igboro, e brutal,” he said.

Yhemo Lee likewise focused on that he doesn’t trust in that frame of mind ‘from the start’ peculiarity. He accepts that it is feasible to be drawn to them, however it is difficult to cherish them. He then likewise referenced that he wouldn’t fret materialistic ladies who need to be spent on the grounds that he loves to spend on them himself.

He said, “I don’t think there is such an amazing concept as unexplainable adoration. You can be drawn to somebody, something can hit you and you feel a flash. you might see a woman now and feel that she’s wonderful, she’s hot, then, at that point, you begin getting things done to begin to cherish her.”

Yhemo Lee was in full sweetheart mode during his public relationship with his ex Tayo, giving her gifts and outings. Tragically, their relationship finished in July 2023 on cases of betrayal, however the reports were clashing.

Some guaranteed that the artist had steamy photos of Tayo’s companion on his companion, while others asserted that Tayo engaged with a much older man. The genuine explanation stays indistinct yet the two players have continued on.


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