Big Brother Naija star Soma Anyama has apologised for his triggering behaviour during his altercation with Angel in the house, an action for which he received a strike.

He communicated his regret during a new post-removal interview with Arise television, underscoring that he could never hurt Angel or any lady at that. The Tv star said that he believed the watchers should comprehend that his apparently rough way of behaving at the time was abnormal for him.

Soma said, “I got a strike in the house before I go further, I’d like to apologise for the outlook. I would never hurt Angel or any lady, I am a perfect gentleman. But sometimes when our emotions and frustrations get high, plus being in the house makes you crazy and out of character, and some stuff you won’t do on a normal day in the real world.”

“I am not an abuser, I have never hurt a lady, I love women and I stand up for women. If you notice, half of the time in the house I was always shouting ‘girl power’. So yeah, I’m all for women and that’s something that I’d love for people to understand,” Soma clarified.


By D O

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