Nigerian Afrobeats artist and grandson of the notable Fela Kuti, Made and his wife, Indeoye, have strolled us through a world of fond memories on how they met back in optional school.

Talking with Bella Naija during their wedding Yesterday November 1, 2023, the becoming flushed lady of the hour expressed that they met in optional school and at the time Made was her school father. They were old buddies at that point and after graduation, they headed out in different directions until seven years after when the vocalist got back from London in the wake of moving on from college.

She said, “We met in high school. Funny story. He was my schoolfather. He was a very good schoolfather. We didn’t talk again after high school until much later, while I was in university. After he graduated, we became Facebook friends first. Then, from Facebook friends, he came back to Nigeria in 2018. That’s when we began dating and here we are.”

“About seven years later, in 2018 like she said I came back from Uni and had just graduated and it picked up from there, we had history and a bright future apparently,” said Made with a wide smile on his face.

According to the star, their relationship lasted for three years before they tied the knot; and what’s more? Their wedding took place on their third anniversary November 1, 2023. Their wedding was a private affair but bubbling nonetheless, it took place in the Ikeja area of Lagos State and was attended by family members, close friends and a strictly by-invitation guest list. Though private at the venue, the union was streamed live on Instagram for all to partake in.


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