In a statement on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, the commission posted the images of the two suspects on social media.

According to the statement, the suspects stand accused of being involved in internet scams, particularly dating scams.

According to the EFCC, the suspects who resided at the singer’s home referred to Skales as their mentor.

The outlet reported, “The accused, John Njeng Njeng (also known as Skales) and Udemba Chukwuemeka (also known as Jody and Jamal, respectively), were detained at the musician’s home. Njeng was referred to by the two suspects as their “mentor” in a dating fraud. Onasola has only been in Njeng’s house for a few months, although Chukwuemeka has lived there for two years.Onasola has only stayed there for few months.”

The commission has stated that the two men will be charged in court as soon as investigations are concluded.

The statement comes after the singer dragged EFCC agents for barging into his house in the early hours of the day, frightening his household, including his 6-month baby. Skales’ took to Twitter to call them out, especially for inflicting harm on his producer’s leg.


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