The record maker answered the call of two unique Nigerians on Twitter, mentioning gifts for their clinical medicines. The first was a female footballer named Anthonia Fakiyesi Abisola needing between ₦5 million and ₦6 million for treatment.

She had encountered a startling knee tendon injury and was expecting to get gifts from 1,000 individuals on the stage for an earnest medical procedure so she could play once more. Be that as it may, Don Jazzy sent the whole measure of ₦6 million for her medical procedure, after which he posted the receipt in the string with the subtitle, “Done, recover soon.”

He like wise gave ₦2 million to help a diabetic patient named Ayodele Otolorin who needed a limb removal as well as a prosthetic. The SOS was posted on Twitter by the patient’s little girl who gave data about his disease, noticing that he fostered a foot ulcer and had been in critical condition since.

The family had effectively raised one out of ₦3 million however required one more ₦2 million to finish the bill, which Wear Fun quickly sent and given the receipt a get well before long note too.


By D O

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