The latest to join the ranks is Dear Child, originally titled Liebes Kind, which is based on Romy Hausman’s international bestselling novel of the same name. So, here’s everything you need to know about Season 1 of the show before diving in. 

What is Dear Child about?

Dear Child is a six-episode Netflix thriller mini-series centering on an enigmatic woman and a precocious young girl as they’re discovered after a hit-and-run incident. This kick starts a chain of events that lead to the reopening of a 13-year-old missing persons case, with plenty of twists and turns as detectives peel back the layers to try and get to the bottom of what happened. 

According to the authority summation: “Lena lives in complete disconnection in an exceptionally protected home with the two children Hannah and Jonathan. They eat their dinners, go to the toilet and to bed at exactly endorsed times. When he goes into the room, they line up to show their hands. They do all that he says. Until the young lady figures out how to get away. After a close to deadly fender bender, she is hospitalized, joined by Hannah.
“Dear Child begins where customary thrill rides end: with reclamation. Yet, the genuine degree of this bad dream is uncovered with the appearance of Lena’s folks at the emergency clinic that very night. They have been frantically looking for their missing girl for right around 13 years… “

Netflix’s Tudum proceeds to say that the series “unspools its emotional story across six episodes,” depicting it as being “as tense as Gone Young lady, while the claustrophobic, prison like situation that the young lady portrays back home reviews Room.”
As co-maker Friederich Oetker told the decoration: “I found the theme of the inward and external jail especially fascinating: regardless of whether you figure out how to get away, you take your inward jail with you. You need to liberate yourself from it.”

Co-maker Tom Spiess added: “Every one of the characters describe with their inward voice, in a manner of speaking – from their inward jail, while the viewpoint changes. What’s more, we found the subject significant: it is about family.”

Below is the cast for Dear Child on Netflix:
Kim Riedle as Lena
Naila Schuberth as Hannah
Sammy Schrein as Jonathan
Haley Louise Jones as Aida Kurt
Hans Löw as Gerd Bühling
Justus von Dohnányi as Matthias Beck
Julika Jenkins as Karin Beck


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