The current year’s music show will be a two-day occasion that will make its re-visitation of El Wak Sports Arena in Accra, Ghana on Thursday, December 28th and Friday, December 29th.

AfroFuture targets observing Africa’s extraordinary culture and the energetic work of its numerous creatives, craftsmen, and business visionaries across the mainland.

To fortify its obligation to bring together the diaspora, AfroFuture’s 2023 subject is “Dark Unification and Dish Africanism,” which respects the accomplishments of Dark trailblazers all through the diaspora and features their commitments to craftsmanship, culture, and advancement.

The current year’s topic will dive into the worldwide associations and shared encounters of African individuals, remembering discussions for the historical backdrop of the Dish African development, the job of diaspora in worldwide legislative issues, and the meaning of diaspora solidarity.

To rejuvenate this subject, the AfroFuture celebration grounds will be changed to include a few social ideas – all made to bring a more profound plunge into the universes of craftsmanship, music, style, culture, and food. Every region will unite an assortment of nearby creatives, culinary experts, performers, and craftsmen to make a connecting with and unforeseen world for celebration visitors to encounter.

“AfroFuture has forever been something beyond a celebration; it’s a round trip festivity of everything African – our way of life, our kin, our gifts, and fills in as a stage for us to appreciate and recognize the bigger commitments we make on the planet,” said Abdul Karim Abdullah, AfroFuture’s Chief and Fellow benefactor.

He proceed with that “this Detty December, we’re back greater, better, and more grounded and we can hardly stand by to give our worldwide allies an extraordinary encounter by perfectly mixing the universes of food, craftsmanship, style, and music.

“Consistently, we anticipate adding to the development of Ghana’s travel industry and accommodation areas by inviting global guests back to the country to encounter our occasions as well as all that Ghana brings to the table.” said Kenny Agyapong Jr., COO and Fellow benefactor of Afrochella.


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