Big Brother Naija star Angel Smith has encouraged women to be comfortable in their skin and avoid getting plastic surgery done without adequate research.

Her tweet read, “Please do your research before getting plastic surgery. You could really just die for nothing. I also encourage women to please love their bodies; y’all are really beautiful, and don’t let anyone, even yourselves, convince you otherwise. But if you must, please do proper research; most of these doctors are quacks.”

“People will get their bodies done and not show how hellish it was during recovery, and the death toll for BBLs is really high; people go into it like it’s nothing,” she continued.

Throughout recent years, Brazilian butt lifts, prominently known as BBLs, have turned into extremely popular among ladies all over the planet, making numerous women take measures to achieve the renowned ‘coke bottle body’ or hourglass shape.

Our Nigerian big names are not absolved from the hourglass figure rage, as a considerable lot of our women have been open about their changes. Taking into account how famous the medical procedure has happened to late, numerous ladies frequently ignore the way that the BBL is the most hazardous plastic medical procedure, and many specialists have bore witness to that.


By D O

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