INEC had proclaimed the pair of Ndume and Lawan as the champs of the National Assembly races in their separate senatorial locale.

Disappointed with the announcement, Muhammed Kumalia and the People groups Progressive faction (PDP) tested the appointment of Lawan while Kudla Satumari and PDP recorded a request against Ndume at the state’s political decision court.

The Borno State Public and State’sElection Petition Tribunal excused the two petitions.

Not happy with the decisions of the council, Kumalia and Satumari stopped requests under the watchful eye of the Court of Allure.

While Yusuf Ali, addressed Kaka Shehu and the APC, Johnson Usman, showed up for INEC and Marcel Oru, all Senior Backers of Nigeria, addressed Mr Ndume.

The senior legal counselors asked the court to excuse the allures for ailing in merit.

Conveying the decisions, the Court of Allure maintained the entries of the senior legal counselors, expressing that the two requests testing the representatives’ races needed merit.

The court excused the requests and avowed the appointment of Sirs Lawan and Ndume.


By D O

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