Great news for Afrobeats lovers around the world, the debut release of the world’s biggest Afrobeats celebration, Afro Country, in Nigeria, has confirmed gotten its dates. The occasion is set to dazzle music sweethearts, promising two extraordinary long periods of melodic wizardry from December 19 to December 20, 2023.

Afro Country Celebration in Lagos vows to highlight an amazing arrangement of top-level craftsmen and zapping exhibitions. The Celebration’s Nigerian release, a homecoming of sorts for the celebration to the origin of Afrobeats, is set to be the greatest occasion of its sort in 2023, joining the diaspora in the core of Afrobeats.

This declaration was made through the celebration’s true online entertainment channels today, adding to the expectation and energy that has been developing in the hearts of music lovers around the world. Afro Country Celebration, which made its presentation a long time back in Portugal, has been on a development binge, with an exceptionally fruitful U.S. debut in Miami in May.

Fellow benefactor of Afro Country, Adesegun Adeosun Jnr, known as SMADE, shared his opinions about the choice to carry the celebration to Lagos, Nigeria. He expressed, “Nigeria is home to various worldwide hotshots who have moved Afrobeats into an internationally loved class. As somebody who experienced childhood in Lagos and later went through years advancing African music in London and then some, this is a round trip second for me. Bringing the Afro Country show back home to Lagos is a little glimpse of heaven. We can hardly stand by to observe the most fabulous festival of African music the world has at any point seen!”


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