Obasanjo expressed this while tending to a designation of understudies and young people across African nations at Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL), Abeokuta.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the appointment, which included understudy pioneers from Ethiopia and the Tigray District, was driven by the Leader of the All-Africa Students’ Association (AASU), Osisiogu Osikenyi.

NAN likewise reports that the understudies were on a “much obliged” visit to Obasanjo for working with the long-lasting suspension of threats understanding between the public authority of Ethiopia and the Tigray People groups’ Freedom Front (TPLF) in Pretoria in 2022.

As per the previous president, “No issue in Africa is excessively perfect for us to settle.”

Obasanjo said it was significant for Africa to think about the characteristics of its kin in planning and carrying out functional local answers for the issues defying the mainland.

He said that the African Union (AU) had taken a lead in finding local answers for the landmass’ concerns with the manner in which it settled the nationwide conflict among Tigray and Ethiopia.

“It is an extraordinary example for us to realize that indeed, anything that might be our concern – political, financial, social in Africa, we can settle them assuming we approach looking for arrangements properly.

“What is vital and which I believe you should treat exceptionally in a serious way is that what we had the option to accomplish in Tigray among TPLF and the Public authority of Ethiopia is what you and I will see as tracking down African answers for African issues.

“This is the thing our chiefs have been clamoring for even from autonomy in the mid 1960s.

“No issue in Africa is excessively perfect for us to tackle; issue of harmony, issue of uncertainty, issue of youth joblessness, absence of strengthening, absence of ability procurement and general terrible administration,” Obasanjo said.

In his comments, the Leader of Ethiopian Advanced education Foundations Understudies’ Association (EHEISU), Oli Wako, said that African understudies’ chiefs were with Obasanjo on a ‘thank you’ visit.

Wako noticed that the previous president assumed a vital part in the memorable marking of the Pretoria Nonaggression treaty between the Government Republic of Ethiopia and Tigray Freedom Fronts.

As per him, the deadliest conflict in the Tigray area of Ethiopia has brought huge misfortune, killing endless youthful people and abandoning far reaching annihilation and injury.

He, notwithstanding, noticed that the move started by Obasanjo had saved innumerable lives and given an establishment whereupon the conflict torn locale of Tigray could be remade.

“Baba, we expand our genuine appreciation for your relentless obligation to handling the nonaggression treaty in Ethiopia.

“Your commitments have carried another feeling of desire to our kin, and we stand here today, always thankful for your momentous endeavors.

“It is with lowliness that we approach you today to look for your proceeded with help,” he said.


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