The actress took to Instagram on Tuesday, October 17 to inform the public that Mohbad’s case has been transferred to the Directorate of Public Prosecution.

Ojo likewise noticed that the reconnaissance cameras in Mohbad’s home were rarely associated, accordingly there is no recording to show the occasions of his passing.

She further revealed, “Mohbad’s wife has been interrogated three times to the best of my knowledge. Two out of the three times was the day you all saw Mohbad’s dad televised by the police in which they addressed the public on Mohbad’s case. Later that same day, Mohbad’s dad, mum and wife were sent to Panti for interrogation and to write their statements. Another day, Mohbad’s wife was interrogated was the 21st of September 2023 — reason why Tonto and Senator Ishaku Abbo met her absences.”


By D O

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