The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections, Atiku Abubakar, has highlighted the purported lies of the administration of President Bola Tinubu in just over 100 days in office.

The previous VP, through his Unique Aide on Open Correspondences to previous VP, Phrank Shaibu, asserted that the ongoing organization has gone to utilizing publicity to bamboozle clueless Nigerians.

Shaibu expressed this in a proclamation in Abuja on Sunday, September 24, 2023, where he likewise encouraged Nigerians to be careful about what he portrayed as a purposeful endeavor of the Tinubu government to misdirect the residents.

During the week, the President’s Unique Counselor on Media and Exposure, Ajuri Ngelale, asserted that Tinubu was the primary African pioneer to ring the chime at the National Association of Securities Dealers Automatics Quotation System (NASDAQ) in the US.

However, the presidential aide later issued a statement to debunk the claim and apologised to Nigerians for the misinformation.

As per him, the Tinubu government has been trapped in no less than 10 humiliating lies since May 29, 2023, and he recorded them underneath.

“1. The primary falsehood that was told by Bola Tinubu was in his debut discourse, where he expressed that petroleum endowment is no more. With oil costs now at $94 per barrel and naira trading at N1,000/$1, the cost of diesel has ascended to about N1,000 per liter while petroleum stays at about N620 per liter. It is clear to the insightful brain that petroleum is currently being financed, a position which all oil advertisers have upheld. Nigerians ought not be hoodwinked. Tinubu’s case that there is no endowment is clearly false from the pit of misery, and the way that they are in any event, concealing the data implies there is no straightforwardness, and the cash is most likely being taken once more.
“2. The subsequent falsehood told by these fakes was that the UAE had lifted the visa restriction on Nigerians right away and that all Nigerians were allowed to visit Dubai. This falsehood was very much celebrated by numerous undiscerning Nigerians whose main wrongdoing was to trust the misleading expressions of an ill-conceived government. UAE specialists later affirmed to CNN that it was every one of the a falsehood. What a public shame!
“3. A third untruth told by this tricky government is that Tinubu was the main African President to ring the NASDAQ chime. It has since been laid out that Malawian President, Jakaya Kikwete, rang the chime on September 21, 2011.
“4. One more untruth was an assertion given by Ajuri Ngelale on August 27, 2023 where US Official Emissary and Collaborator Secretary of State for African Undertakings, Minister Molly Phee, was cited as saying, “President Joe Biden is requesting to meet with you uninvolved of UNGA and you are the main African pioneer he has mentioned to meet. It is a characteristic of his high respect for your initiative.” Indeed, this has ended up being one more humiliating lie as Tinubu has left UNGA and never met President Biden.
“5. A fifth untruth was a case made by Tinubu on the floor of NASDAQ where that’s what he expressed “We have retooled the swapping scale to a solid, reliable one figure drifting of the naira. You are allowed to take in your cash and draw out your cash.” Yet this is one more lie from the pit of agony. The swapping scale on the I&E Window is about N780/$1, while the rate at the equal market is about N1,000/$1. Additionally, unfamiliar carriers actually have more than $600m reserves trapped in Nigeria. Tinubu, along these lines, lied when he said “you are allowed to take in your cash and draw out your cash.”
“6. On August 14, 2023, the Nigerian government said on its true Twitter handle that the Nigerian Flying corps struck fear based oppressors gathering at Kurebe in Shiroro LGA in Niger State. The public authority asserted that the fear mongers were killed. Indeed, Premium Times has now uncovered in its most recent report that this is only misleading publicity as the people who were killed were guiltless regular folks. Is unfortunately the Bola Tinubu organization has now tainted the military with its falsehoods? To be sure, when the top of the fish is spoiled, the body can’t get away from debasement.
“7. As a feature of Bola Tinubu’s publicity program, the National Bank of Nigeria said on September 6, 2023 that in something like fourteen days, it would infuse $10 billion into the unfamiliar trade market to clear the FX excess. Days after the cutoff time elapsed, not a solitary penny has been infused into the framework as the naira proceeds with its fast drop. The organization that Tinubu’s initiative can’t obliterate doesn’t exist.
“8. In his debut discourse, Tinubu said, “As your Leader, I will present with bias towards none.” However this has ended up being another flagrant deception. Tinubu has been running an administration of the close, by the related and for the close, with all critical arrangements in each area going to a segment of the nation including CBN, FIRS, customs, armed force, police, migration while he, at the end of the day, is the petrol and gas serve. Tinubu named 10 priests from the southwest and just five from the southeast. On the off chance that this isn’t bias, I don’t have the foggiest idea what it is.
“9. Last month, the Nigerian Public Oil Organization Restricted guaranteed they had acquired an Afrexim credit of $3bn with which it would assist with settling the naira. We raised the caution that it was each of the a stratagem to mislead Nigerians. Presently, we have been legitimate as the naira is currently exchanging at $1/N1,000 on the bootleg market, while Afrexim Bank has wouldn’t talk on it. This was simply sound cash.
“10. Maybe the greatest trick and duplicity of the Tinubu organization was the Understudy Loan Act, which he endorsed on June 12. The new regulation gives advances to understudies’ educational cost as it were. It covers no other instructive costs. After the law was marked, all national government schools started expanding school charges. In any case, Dele Alake, the Unique Guide on Media as he then, at that point, was, said in an explanation that educational cost in all administration schools stays free and that the main expenses that were expanded were convenience, research center, library and different expenses. So assuming educational cost is free and the Understudies Advance Demonstration covers just educational expense, that implies the Understudy Loan Act is futile, and no cash will be delivered. Fundamentally, Tinubu’s administration has pushed government schools to increment expenses while no credits will be given to the understudies. This is the level of double dealing and mischievousness.”


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